Sou. Kusum & Shri. Jindatta Shah Welfare Foundation (KJWF)

Founded in 2015, KJWF is a non-government, non-profitable organization striving to make a difference in the lives of people who look out for hope. KJWF works in collaboration with many voluntary organizations, government agencies, academic and research institutions, and funding agencies in the social sector.

We have impacted thousands of people directly, and indirectly through our diverse portfolio of activities. We conduct many CSR activities focused on women's welfare, education, plant and animal conservation, protection, etc.

Objectives of KJWF Welfare Foundation : The Trust is established with the main object of providing monetary and/or other assistance for :

  1. Medical relief
  2. Advancement of Education
  3. To be a beacon of hope and joy in the society
  4. To bring about a positive social impact
  5. Animal protection and conservation via Dayoday Goshala.

Accommodation:We also provide accommodation in Pune for a pleasant stay for those in need of medical & educational assistance.
Address - Sai Krupa Apartment, SomvarPeth, Near Hanuman Temple, Pune 411 011 (KJWF Welfare Foundation is registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act)