Dayoday Goshala, Malad, Baramati

About Us

Chandukaka Saraf and Sons Pvt. Ltd. is a leading jewellery brand in Western India with a glorious tradition of since 1827. Our jewellery is crafted with purity and excellence to bring a special touch to your celebrations. Chandukaka Saraf and Sons Pvt. Ltd. through its CSR activities has been focused on in verious social projects in area of women wellfare, _and education.

With Blessing of Digambar Jain Aacharya Param pujya Shree 1008 Vidyasagarji Maharaj, Chandukaka Charitable Trust has under 'Project Dayoday Goshala', an initiative to save and protect the cows by building a cow shelter for the well-being of society.

Shri Atul Jindatta Shah has donated his seven acres of land without any financial benefit for the well-being of society by saving cows. The 'Project Dayoday Goshala' aims to fulfill self-sustaining Gaushala Model and then expand it across India.

In Hindu scriptures, the cow is mentioned as a Godess. She is the evergiving nourisher, providing for all and sustaining the lifetime of all creatures. The primary aim of this project is to prevent cow exploitation and provide them with a safe environment and shelter.

Our Vision

Our vision is to work for the well-being of our society by the means of saving cows, nurturing them, and building an organic culture.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to rescue and safeguard cows that have been abandoned. We want to make a self-sustaining Gaushala, which will be looked at as a role model by others. To achieve this, our ultimate aim is to create an organic culture by producing chemical free and residue free products. These products would act as eco-friendly alternatives to fertilisers and pesticides.


To smoothen the process of donating, the administrativeoffice is conveniently situated next to the multipurposehall which helps the donor to donate to the sacred causeof the construction of Gaushala without hassles.The administrative unit is also responsible for themaintenance of the Gaushala and helps connect with theGaushalas in the vicinity of Baramati.

Your donation to Dayoday Goshala will provide food & shelterto needy cows. We are sure that this noble deed will fetch lot ofblessings to you. The Gaushala can shelter 350+ cows, at present wehave 100+ cows being nourished and taken care of.

Moreover, you can claim tax deductions under section 80G of theIncome Tax Act. Every donor will be given a 80G certificate.We also accept donations of bigger amounts from the large-hearteddonors. Those who make munificent contributions to this sacred causecan have the parts of the under-construction Gaushala namedafter them.

Other Facilities at Gaushala

Kuti, Staff quarters, Gaushala shed, Plantation, and Bunker (dry fodder), Godown (wet fodder)

Project Cost

Rs. 10 CR

Expenses for adoption

10 Cows: INR 1000 per day

Our Eco-Friendly Offers

We manufacture of eco-friendly and organic products.

1. Murghas/Cattle feed

2. Jeevamrut(Culture)


Multipurpose Hall

  • 1. Workshops are conducted to educate people about different kinds of milk, milk products, milk adulteration, etc.
  • 2. Training/Workshop Center
  • 3. Birthday celebrations
  • 4. Anniversary celebrations
  • 5. Get-togethers
  • 6. Farmers Seminar
  • 7. Social Gathering
  • 8. Yoga Classes
  • 9. Corporate Office - work in progress

Outdoor Sport Activty

Horse Riding

Jogging Track

We also have a jogging track that goes around the entireGaushala. You can stroll around the premises with cows around.